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We know how to build a tournament and transform it into a spectacular experience. Our knowledge, and the trust of our clients, has led us to organise tournaments in countries such as France, Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, and Thailand. Our decade-long trajectory allows us to excel at hosting professional, high-level tournaments, with a firm foundation of excellent service.

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“I’ve been playing and taking part of tournaments organised by Minuto 7 for many years now. My first time was in 2014 when I played in the first ever Thai Polo Cup in Argentina in 2014, where I played with Harald Link and we reached the final. I had the chance to travel to Thailand, where I got to know the Thai Polo & Equestrian Club.


It was there that I realized that the level of organisation was the same everywhere. I also went to play to Saint Tropez and the feeling was the same: great organisation, kindness, friendliness; I felt the same in Saint Tropez, in Thailand and in Argentina. Every time I received an invitation from Minuto 7 I try not to miss it”

Lía Salvo, Argentina

10 Goals HANDICAP 

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