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Minuto Siete also offers to help teams plan their seasons, no matter where you choose to play. With the highest quality of service, we work through every facet of building a polo organisation, providing the most competitive horses and players for your team.

Our knowledge and experience, together with the quantity and quality of our contacts around the world, allow us to offer the best options for you and your team, focusing on every detail of the process.


"Last year we went to play at Thai Polo in Pilar. It was great to have the same team as in Thailand with by-now old friends Pedro Fernandez Llorente and Flaco Garcia-Grossi, all organised by the same Minuto Siete team.

We feel we are with friends across both continents. Many thanks to Manu, Juanma, Michael, Nacho and the whole TPC-Minuto Siete family!!”

Claude Haberer


22BR Polo Team


“I was lucky enough to have played in many tournaments organised by Minuto 7 in such places as Saint Tropez, Argentina and also at Thai Polo in Thailand.


The way Minuto 7 organises tournaments and provides solutions for patrons are among the best, covering every single detail. It’s a pleasure for me play in the tournaments organised by this great group of people”

Agustín García Grossi


7 goals handicap 

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