Minuto 7 offers every polo solution to sponsors, players and clubs. From barn coordination to tournament organization, we want to potentiate the sport in all its forms. For example, Copa Tanoira in Argentina. During 2017 we co-organized the tournament in the 13th edition and gathered 8 teams.


In 2018, leading the whole organization we obtained 12 teams of 12 goal handicap. Another Minuto 7 success was Thai Polo, a new and different concept within polo tournaments in Argentina. The goal was to introduce agile and competitive tournaments, and at the same time giving exclusive concierge and entertainment services to our sponsors and players.


Today, Thai Polo is one of the most important sponsor driven tournament in Argentina and in 2018 we made our target by having a total of 20 teams during our season.

Our polo management services include sponsor handling in order to look for the best partners for a successful season, concierge services for patrons and players and last, but not least, branding and identity of the tournament in order to communicate in the best way.


Other key items within Polo Management are: Fixture and braquet coordination Team drawls Rules and regulations Other social activities that the club may require


Minuto Siete is an organisation founded with the intention of offering solutions and providing services of the highest quality to the polo community around the world.

To this end, six fundamental pillars have been developed: Club Management, Team Mana-gement, Polo Tournaments, Player Agent, Horse Manage-ment, and Polo School.


Our service stands out due to its attention to details.

We advise and accompany our clients every step of the way, working through challenges, forming strategies, and funda-mentally focusing on providing the highest level of service.


We are committed to presen-ting a product that is unique in the world, boasting an excep-tional standard of service.

We are guided by strong prin-ciples and a responsibility to both our clients and the world of polo. A forward-thinking, problem solving approach drives our everyday actions.




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