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Horses are at the core of this sport, this is why we offer a truly competitive string of horses that will allow each player to face the challenges ahead in the best way possible, anywhere in the world. Our horses have the highest standards of care and management, and are fit for the most ambitious professional and amateur players.

Not only do we offer a wide range of horses, but we also provide complete support and guidance, with

a detailed register of the minutes played by each horse throughout the season. Our global network allows us to provide the horses you have chosen —season ready and in top condition— anywhere in the world.


“William and I both started polo at Thai Polo Club, in Thailand, a rare polo club that encourages beginners -even if they don’t own horses- to learn polo. That way we could slowly learn on club horses then move on to low goal tournaments on rented horses before buying our own until our day of glory when our 22BR team won the Thai Polo Open!"

Claude Haberer


22BR Polo Team

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