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Minuto Siete born as a project in 2008. The original idea of Manuel Cereceda and Daniel Padín was based on selling polo stuff and offering assistance on polo related trips, but as the needs of their clients developed, Manuel and Daniel used their experience gained from working internationally to craft an organization that met the demands of the market. The structure of the company grew in such a way that today Minuto Siete has developed a net of contacts including experts like vets, fields maintenance, social media, farriers, trainers, staff recruiters, etc. covering international logistics to assure the best service ever.

In the 2010 decade, working in Asia and covering the European Summer Seasons, the focus lay predominantly in club management. Clubs like Thai Polo & Equestrian Club, Saint Moritz Polo Club, teams like La Luna, and the support of different players throughout the global circuit, allowed the organization’s strategy to mature, until Minuto 7 established itself alongside one of the most important clubs in Europe, Saint Tropez Polo Club. There they developed the different services necessary to carry out a complete polo season, covering every aspect of the social and sporting facets.

Another important turning point came with the strategic alliance with Thai Polo Club. In General Rodriguez county, the polo capital of the world, the organisation has been organizing the Thai Polo Cup Argentina, currently considered the most important patron-based tournament of the Argentine Spring season. The first edition tournament saw six teams compete; by 2017, the competition grew to welcome sixteen teams.

In 2019, thanks to the boom of women’s polo around the world, Minuto Siete organised the Pink Polo Cup in Argentina. The tournament, which has a rich history in Thailand, aims to raise funds for breast cancer prevention charities, as well as encouraging the growth of female polo around the world. The involvement of players and patrons from countries such as Argentina, England, USA, Thailand, Australia, and Belgium, allowed Minuto Siete to further follow and support women’s polo—the area of the sport which has seen the most growth in the past few years.

Also in Argentina, Minuto Siete successfully organised the traditional Tanoira Cup in Cuatro Vientos, a tournament that saw twelve teams compete in both 2018 and 2019, and boasted the presence of top patrons and players. Similarly, Minuto Siete organised the Technopolo Cup, which saw tenteams partake in 2018 and 2019.

Minuto Siete has grown into an organisation that offers solutions in the world of polo, facing up to challenges and working to resolve anything and everything for patrons, players, and clubs alike, as well as anyone looking to enter this beautiful sport. From planning a season to coordinating the movements of a player, or dealing with tournament logistics, Minuto Siete has the knowledge and experience necessary to solve any challenge. Six areas have been developed to simplify each task: Club Management, Team Management, Horse Management, Polo School, Player Agent, and Polo Tournaments.

Minuto Siete’s team is currently spread between France, Thailand, and Argentina, but the organization also has contacts on the ground in England, USA, and UAE, and the right connections needed to work in every country around the world. The constant, underlying principle in their work is to maintain the highest standard of quality and service. Minuto Siete was in charge to organise over 35 tournaments in 2019—just the starting point when it comes to planning their growth strategy in the short, medium, and long term.

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